In 2014 I started on my journey towards self sustainability and Making the Change. I was tired of throwing out wasted salad ingredients as everything is packed for families which would be fine if the teenager in the house would actually eat salad. I wanted a veggie garden where I could just harvest what I needed for that nights dinner.

From there came my first chickens. They literally showed up on my doorstep one afternoon and took up residency. I joked with my neighbour that someone had decided to barter their chickens for the free mandarins that I left out on the verge for people to help themselves. Well several weeks later they still hadn’t been claimed, so I moved them to the backyard.

Everything I do, is on a rental. Since starting this journey I am living in my second rental with this project. I just have to make sure that everything I do can be dismantled and taken with me when I go.

At each rental I aim to improve the soil, and plant edibles that can be grown from cuttings thus not incurring large expense, but leaving edibles where ever I go.

I currently have chickens for eggs, quails for eggs & meat, bees for honey, plus my veggies and fruit.

I have attended many free events, free workshops and joined several community groups over the years to expand my knowledge.  This is now my opportunity to share my knowledge, including some of the mistakes I’ve made along the way through workshops and my blog.

Some of the workshops to come are

  • Beginners – Raising Japanese Quail for Eggs and/or Meat
  • Beginners – Chickens, Where to Start & Health Issues
  • Beginners – Wicking Pots & Planter Pots

So take the time to have a read, click on some links that interest you, or try a workshop.

Thank you