Japanese Quail – Short Talk (Groat Street Festival)

Japanese Quail – Short Talk (Groat Street Festival)

By Urban Farm Living 2017

  • Easiest of the quail to raise & Look after
  • Flighty, shy birds that can be aggressive to other birds including quail when territorial
  • Can be racist. Some birds (males & females) will not accept other coloured birds introduced to their cage
  • 40 Colour variations
  • 4 Size categories – Standard less than 300, Jumbo 300 – 350, Giant 350 – 400, Colossal over 400
  • Sexual maturity at around 8 weeks except in winter it tends to slow down so around 11 to 12 weeks.
  • Egg laying from 8-9 weeks
  • Sexing of male & females
  • Males, crow, smaller, bulbous, foam
  • Females, wider hips, no crow, tend to be larger than the males, no foam, large vents
  • 300 eggs per year – almost an egg per day
  • Life span 3 to 5 years
  • Males life span the same but fertility drops
  • Ratio 1M to 3F
  • The do molt and can have similar illness to chooks.



  • Predator proof (cats, dogs, foxes, crows)
  • 5 square foot or 45 cm square per bird of floor space
  • Places to hide, not necessarily for nesting or laying eggs.
  • Tend to lay where ever they like
  • Need 16 hours of natural light for optimum laying.
  • Too much space and they can get territorial.
  • Flooring, mulch, sand, wood shavings
  • Cleaning depending on flooring every week to once every 3 to 4 weeks & dependant on number of birds.
  • Need shelter from harsh sun, wind and rains.



  • Herbs, greens, meal worms
  • Balanced feed of Gamebird Starter/Maintenance/Finisher depending on where they are in their growth stage and why you are keeping them.
  • Feed Containers that they can’t step into as they kick out their food or poop in it.


Raising Quail

  • Require artificial incubation as the Japanese Quail have had their natural instinct to nest, brood and raise chicks breed out of them.
  • Incubation is 18 days.

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