My bees have gotten back to work earlier than expected, and I have some gorgeous honey from the local 6064 postcode. Since bees can travel anywhere from 3 to 5km in search of nectar and pollen, it could be a variety of plant species in this mix.

Because this is UNPROCESSED, Raw Honey, meaning it has not been heat treated or modified in anyway, it cannot be feed to very young children, and caution must be taken when giving it to those that may have allergies to pollen, as it may be contained in this Honey.

Though if you’ve had the “processed” honey before, you will certainly notice the difference to the FRESH kind.

$6.50 per 375 gram jar.
$1.00 refunded on return of the jar in good condition.

Only 10 jars available at the moment.  Please contact me via the Contact Page if you would like to order.  Thank you

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