Japanese (Coturnix) Quails

Standard Females $15 each
Males $5 each


Jumbo Females $20 each
Jumbo Males $7 each
(To meet Jumbo  criteria these birds must weigh over 300 grams at 10 weeks of age)

I regularly hatch out Japanese Quails in a range of colours, and make them available once they are between 6 to 9 weeks of age.  Please contact me via Contact Page and advise how many of each you are after.

I personally prefer a ratio of 1 male to 3 female for breeding purposes. Yes, you will read that you can pair up to 5 females but you will need to check that your fertility levels don’t drop.

1 male can be paired with “up to” 5 females. 2 males can be paired together with females if there is sufficient space, hiding places and have previously lived together.

Recommend AT LEAST 1 male to 3 female just so the girls aren’t continually harassed by the male.

4 quails can live together in a Rabbit/Guinea Pig Cage approx 155x60x53 if you take the base out for them to sand bath. (Only 1 male in this space). You will need to cover your cages with a finer outer lay so that the birds can’t stick their heads out. ESPECIALLY if you have Crows in the Area.

Alternatively they can be kept in a bird cage with a kitty litter tray of washed sand for them to sand bath in plus somewhere for them to hide in. (see 2nd picture below for ideas).

Or in an aviary, where you can create a natural environment for them with plants, mulch, logs, hidey places etc.

My birds are feed Lauke Mills Gamebird Starter when young, then onto Lauke Mills Gamebird Maintenance feed from 4 to 5 weeks. Cannot be feed medicated chicken crumble, there is discussion that they can be feed chicken layer pellets with additional protein added to their diet but you’ll need to decide for yourself the pros and cons of doing such.

I will be running a workshop called “Intro into Raising Japanese Quail for Eggs and/or Meat” you can get more info under the  Workshops or you can find me on Facebook “Urban Farm Living”

There is absolutely no obligation to buy either my birds or attend my workshops.

Some of the colourings that we get, depending on which group of eggs we have incubated.